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And there was more!


So the 23rd of January was my birthday, but I tell you what – as the week progressed, I was more and more blessed!

Firstly, I was treated to all-you-can-stuff-in-your-mouth sushi with my friend Susan – something which made my heart skip a joyous beat, because – I LOVE SUSHI! 😀

This rather fuzzy picture is just a sample of my first plate of glorious sushi (and there were two other plates that followed. Though..I have to mention, I couldn’t get through the third!) But not only did Susan bless me with one of my favourite meals – nope – she also gave me this!…

A lovely, lovely, lovely necklace with a lovely, lovely, lovely cross on it! 🙂 I remember us discussing the fact that I’ve always wanted a necklace with a cross, and she remembered that conversation and decided to make my wish come true! Thank you Susan!

So that was Tuesday – but it didn’t end there. Nope! I met up with my friend Lauren for a coffee-catch-up and after blessing me with an awesome hug (I miss those from her!), she blessed me with an exciting hamper!

Yes, how lucky can one girl get?! A hamper full of some things that just make me smiiiiiile! Chocolate, muffin mix, chocolate cookies, wasabi rice cake biscuits, pasta sauce, white chocolate coffee sachets, and a copy of Good Housekeeping (I reckon she purposefully included this last item as a way to get me off reading the You magazine!) Thank you La!

Then later in the afternoon, I received a notepad and purple pen from Karrie, much to my delight. I can’t add a photo of this, because it’s in my car and already has many, many scribbled notes on it! Thank you Karrie!

On Wednesday and Thursday evening, I went out to dinner with my (looney) friend Tara, from London, who’d been in Cape Town on business. The two of us crack one another up and it was lovely to be able to see her while she was visiting – there’s nothing quite like a good ol’ catch-up with a friend! Thank you Tara!

So yes, though Mr De Pro is still hanging around a bit – wanting to poke and prod me – I’ve been quite positive this week! I think what’s helped is the fact that I’ve avoided plonking my arse on the couch in an attempt to feel sorry for myself. And also – this week has just proven to me how important friends are and how they really can make such a difference to your circumstances, even if they don’t realise it… 🙂


Coffee, laughter and flowers


I think I’ve been avoiding posting anything on my blog for some time. Why? Because writing about stuff means you have to think about it, and sometimes, the stuff I end up writing about is stuff I don’t want to think about.

Generally my posts of late tend towards the melancholy side of the scale. That’s been another reason I’ve avoided writing.

But today I was challenged to write about 3 things that make me happy. And yes, this is a challenge for me – give me something depressing or complex to write about and I’ll fire away – but ask me to think about happy things, and I seem to struggle. It’s not right, I know…but I’m working on it – all I need is a little time.

Ok – so 3 things that make me happy. Here goes…

(1) Coffee in the morning

There really is just nothing like waking up to that first cup of good coffee. Even the thought of it excites me. In fact, sometimes I look forward to it so much that I just wish the hours would fly by until that very moment that I’m holding that steaming mug of coffee between my two hands 🙂 Addict? Nope…not an addict – I simply enjoy it!

(2) Making people laugh

Sure ok, I know what you’re thinking. I pretty much spent the first few lines of this post explaining that I tend towards melancholy – and now I’m saying that one of the things that makes me happy is making others laugh – contradiction? Nope.

In fact, I’ve often found that those who suffer the most from depressive thoughts and moods, or who seem to struggle the most with sorrowful emotions, are the same people who can just give others one look, or say one thing, and have them burst out in laughter.

There’s something soul-satisfying about being the source of smiles and laughs – about being able to make people chuckle to the point of tummy ache and tears (good tears).

(3) Flowers

Let me clarify this – it’s not just the flowers that make me happy, but also, receiving flowers that puts a smile on my face. In fact, Mani recently bought me a bunch of flowers, and my heart did a happy-flip in my chest. I don’t know what it is about receiving flowers that makes me happy – but they work! And I just cannot get enough of them – I often find myself standing in the kitchen near the spot where I always place flowers, and staring at them…just staring. And then I turn to walk away, but look back and stare a little more. And all the while, the smile on my face gets bigger.

And so there you have it – 3 things that make me happy. There are other things that make me happy too, for sure, but these 3 were the first that came to mind 🙂

A glass half full of Shoes


I got close to 8 hours sleep last night, so I’m not as tired this morning as I usually am – though I’m not using that as a reason not to have coffee – there’s always a reason to have coffee…

I heard something interesting on the radio this morning – kind of like the whole ‘glass half full, half empty’ thing. A shoe company sends two salesmen out to two remote towns to sell some shoes. The first salesman sends a report back to the company: “No-one here has or wears any shoes. Fruitless, so I’m heading back home.”

The second salesman reports: “Send more shoes, no-one here has or wears any. Great opportunity!”

Yeah ok, perhaps this inspires you for a total of 1.4675 seconds. But still, I’ve come to realise that many situations in life can be dealt with differently just by changing your perspective a little. Sure, it’s not easy and it’s probably harder to do – but if makes things better in the long run, then why not?

Ok, now I’m off to get my second cup of coffee 😀

Happiness – Part III


I’ve been slacking on my quest to bring to mind the things that make me happy and focus on these, instead of falling into the common trap of focusing on negative things.

And so…Part III of things that make me happy…enjoy.


– My morning cup of coffee makes me happy. I consider myself to be a morning person – I can smile and laugh and chat and what-not…but…I generally am not 100% awake and happy until I’ve had my morning Cuppa Joe. And it’s not just a normal Cuppa Joe – nope – my coffee mug is probably the size of 2 mugs – it’s more of a coffee basin. My routine in the morning is simple – I walk to my cubicle, switch on my PC and make my way to the kitchen where I proceed to make some yummy filter coffee for myself and the other coffee addicts who are crazy enough to be at work at 6.30am. This is one of the happiest parts of my day – I literally get excited when the coffee starts to brew and that smell hits me right between the eyes!

– Eating fresh veggies – like corn –  from my dad’s vegetable garden makes me (super) happy! For me, there’s just something so much nicer about eating veggies that come from the family vegetable patch. I know the little veg dudes have been cared for by my pops, and they’ve been given the person touch – so they’re so much sweeter! (Perhaps all in my head, but I don’t care!)

– Watching movies in German makes me happy. I’m currently attending German classes and in an attempt to fast-track the process and get as much practice as possible, GH sent me some flicks, in German. One of them just so happens to be one of my favourite movies – ‘Elizabeth – The Golden Age’. It was a little daunting at first – the thought of watching a movie in a language I don’t understand, but in actual fact, it’s not that bad at all 🙂

– Watching Survivor on a Monday night and Top Chef on a Wednesday night makes me happy.

– The smell of Cape Town’s ocean in the early morning hours makes me happy. There’s just something so comforting and relaxing about it. And at night, if there’s mist that’s rolled off the ocean and found its way into the streets, the foghorn near Mouille Point can be heard – this too, late at night, is a very comforting and relaxing sound that makes me happy.

** End of Part III**