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An oasis in the midst of a desert


A part of me is hesitant to write this new post, because what I’m going to write about may change in a few days’ time…or it may not. Let’s just move forward pretending it won’t change 🙂

It’s been a week to the day that I really started coming out of my self-imposed (and very confusing) desert. And let me tell you, it feels…well, ‘good’ doesn’t really do the feeling any justice…it feels amazing! It feels as if I’ve been given some release from a dead weight that was tied around my neck. At times, I really didn’t know if I’d pull through – remain strong enough to hold my head high, even in the moments when I seemed to be crumpling down to the floor in a shameful heap. But I’ve started to feel like myself again and this week has brought more laughs than tears – something I’ve missed!

But the experience has taugh me is teaching me many things. I’m being forced to hold on to God and be completely reliant on Him – something I’ve never completely done before, because I always tried to maintain control. The experience is also teaching me a lot about myself – it’s teaching me that I’ve lived too long with a very wrong (and imprisoning) kind of thinking; I’m quick to react before I stop to think; I dream up situations and circumstances in my head that never really come to pass (and they’re generally more negative than positive)…

Those are just a few things I’m learning and the process isn’t over – there’s still a lot more I need to learn. But hopefully I’ve reached the oasis in the middle of my desert – and I can stop, kneel down and take a drink of refreshing water before resuming my journey.

Nothing will be in vain 🙂


Building bridges


I have this annoying ability to sometimes let things get me down, or to fret about things that I really shouldn’t be fretting about. I know that the source of this, most of the time, is fear – fear of the unknown, the known, the future, the past…everything, even fear of fear itself.

So what is fear then?

Here are some definitions:

– be afraid or feel anxious or apprehensive about a possible or probable situation or event;

– an emotion experienced in anticipation of some specific pain or danger (usually accompanied by a desire to flee or fight);

– be uneasy or apprehensive about;

– Fear is an American punk band from Los Angeles, California.

At times I think it’s ok – because it forces me to take action – to plan ahead and avoid possible hurt or disappointment. But most of the time, it simply just takes away from me and adds nothing. In no way does it enrich my life, make it fuller, make it more abundant. Instead, it saps from me every last iota of energy I have, every last bit of hope and resilience.

At work the other day, someone stopped me in the kitchen and asked what’s wrong. I was a little surprised and queried why he was asking me this. “Because I can see something weighing down on you. It’s heavy; it’s pulling you down. You’re not smiling today.” So I told him that I was just a little concerned about a few things…there were a few things that I was fearing about the (unknown) future. His response has stuck with me – and it’s something I repeat to myself when I feel fear creep up on me:

“Why are you even going there…only cross those bridges when you get to them…if you get to them.”

I’ve been crossing bridges that don’t exist. I’ve been building them on non-existent foundations.

There’s a saying that we’ve probably all heard…”How do you eat an elephant…one bite at a time.” Learning to take life one step at a time isn’t easy. As humans we’re kind of forced into planning ahead – planning for those ‘in case’ situations. I’m not advocating throwing all caution to the wind and being totally irresponsible – but the key is to plan with wisdom – Godly wisdom.

One of the reminders I received this morning was the following:

Verse:            Philippians 4:6-7

Don’t worry about anything; instead pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank Him for all He has done. If you do this, you will experience God’s peace!

– Do not fret or have any anxiety about anything.
– In every situation and circumstance, turn to God in prayer.
– Ask God for what you need, with a thankful heart.
– And His peace will guard your heart and mind.

PRAYER: Lord, as I face this new week with all its challenges and opportunities, I place my requests before You and I ask You to fill me with Your peace. Amen.

Stop building bridges that weren’t meant to exist.

Begging and missing


I’m constantly reminded of how the Lord works through what sometimes seems like the smallest little things. It’s really in the tiny details of the day that we can see His guidance and His presence. But we get so bogged down by the ‘big’ things and our attention is completely diverted in the wrong direction – the result is that we miss spotting how the little things are falling into place.

I often think of one scene from one of my favourite movies – Bruce Almighty. Bruce is driving along a road at night and begs, pleads with God to give him a sign…which God does, but which Bruce misses. He continues pleading, and God continues giving him signs – pretty obvious ones such as a truck load of road signs saying “Wrong Way”, “Detour”, and “U-Turn”, etc. But still, Bruce just doesn’t get it. And the more he begs, the more frustrated he gets.

We fall into that trap way too often – begging, pleading, asking for signs – but we limit our view by defining in our own minds what the signs are, what they’ll look like, what the blessings will be…to the extent, that we completely miss what He’s sending us!

It’s all in the little things….! Don’t be a Bruce!