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A Happy Birthday!


Today marks the birthday of a very special person…my Mani!

I’m ever so happy that God brought this wonderful man into the world all those years ago. It’s so funny to think that we grew up in different countries, but that our paths still crossed 8 years ago – a seemingly ordinary meeting that eventually developed into our very own romantic (and sometimes bureaucratically frustrating!) journey.

God really does create someone especially for you. I believe that now! Mani and I are evidence of that. Sure, our personalities differ like night and day…no, more like…honey and water…but we’re still perfect for one another. We balance one another out so well and our strengths and weaknesses, combined, are the perfect mixture!

He’s my best friend. My life partner. Someone I can sit and chat to until the early hours of the morning. Someone I can laugh with. Someone I can run to and cry with when things seem too much – but also, someone who always reminds me that He is actually the one I should always go to. How lovely is that? A husband who directs me to the One who has me in His hands, no matter what…the One who cared so much for me that He blessed me with the perfect partner. As I always say to Mani – we’re not perfect, but we’re perfect for each other…

So…happy birthday Mani! It sucks that we can’t be together to celebrate this day, but hopefully this will be the last time we’re apart on a birthday. Thank you for what you’ve meant to me and my family. You’ve been such a lovely example of someone who has a heart for many 🙂 You’re amazing! xxx



Happy Birthday Mom!


The 12th of May is indeed a very special day because it’s my mom’s birthday! 23 years ago, my mother was born…ok, that would make her 4 years younger than me 😉 So it was a little more than 23 years ago…by she’s not old, but no means at all – and even if she seems to be getting older physically each year, her spirit just keeps getting younger! 🙂

The 12th May should be celebrated as one of the best days in the world, because it’s on this day that one of the best people in the world was born! I’m so very appreciative of my mom – who’s not just been a mom to be, but she’s been a sister and a best friend. I don’t think she’ll ever quite understand how much I love and appreciate her 🙂

Happy Birthday Ma!