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1 Ply toilet paper and shrimps


Did you know that humans forget about 90% of their dreams…and when we think, we use about 35% of our brains. Also, apparently, the percentage of people who dream in black and white started becoming less after the spread of colour televisions. Yip, indeed. Did you know that in South Africa it is a law that single ply toilet paper has to have 500 sheets in a roll? And lastly, a shrimp’s heart is in its head.

Well now you know – and you’re a better person for it 😀

So if a shrimp’s heart is in its head and it needs to make a decision based on either the heart or the head…what does it do – does this present a dilemma for the shrimp? Perhaps we’d all be better off as shrimps then – and it would be a case of “Follow your heart that’s in your head”, as opposed to constantly having to wonder ‘which one to follow’ (although we all know the answer to that…follow your….heart).

This past weekend was enjoyable. After a rather long and tedious week at work, my mood lifted a little on Friday night when I practiced some German – (yip, I’m learning German in my spare time…a girl always has to be prepared!) – and I realised that I really am getting good and I’m learning (and remembering) things all the time. In fact, I recalled over 60 words and their articles from memory. Now, for anyone who knows a little about the German language, you’ll know that recalling words and their particular male, female or neuter article is amazing. Well done to me! 🙂

My mood lifted to even greater proportions as I thought about chatting to GH in the evening – any time spent with him – whether virtual or not – is so precious. After chatting to him, I got to bed at a reasonably good hour (around 2am) and woke up as late as possible on Saturday morning. And even though my Saturday morning was a little tainted due to an unfortunate Lumpy Milk incident, I was still eager to take on the day with zest – and this zest translated into house cleaning. Yes, so what, I clean when I’m happy…

Then it was off to the parentals for supper on Saturday evening. I’m loving the time that I get to spend with them – I’ve not lived with my parents for 9 years, and every time I go to their house for supper or a simple visit, it really feels like nothing has changed – it’s still home.

Sunday morning started as late as possible as well, and there was no lumpy milk incident *hooray* and Sunday evening was phenomenal. The service at Hillsong Cape Town was awesome and the message was delivered in such a powerful way – it spoke straight to me and I was absolutely blessed! God’s doing some awesome work in my life, for which I’m very grateful.

And the perfect end to my weekend was a deeeeeelicious supper chatting and laughing with GH before heading off to Dreamland. It’s so amazing to finally be with the person who was made just for me! 😀