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You clever little Bishop you!


So today is supposed to be the day that people intentionally remember that ‘someone special’ in their lives. I’m sure that for 86.87% of men, it’s the day that the reminder alarms on their phones go crazy – reminding them to go out and buy lovey-dovey stuff for that one special lady.

But who was the original Valentine? Well, waaaaaaay back in time, Claudius II was the Emperor of Rome and he was of the opinion that men who weren’t hitched made far better soldiers than their married counterparts. It was this opinion that led him to making a law that young, unmarried men were not allowed to take the leap of faith into marriage.

Then along came a Bishop Valentine. *Cue ‘saves the day’ music* He felt really sorry for these young men and decided he’d start conducting marriage ceremonies on the sly. But as with any story like this, his secret didn’t remain secret for too long and Emperor Claudius II sent him to jail. (In fact, not only was he jailed, but the Emperor also tried to get Valentine to start worshipping various Roman gods. Valentine’s response: he started trying to convert the Emperor to Christianity. The result: our hero was sentenced to be executed.)

Now in terms of the actual emergence of Valentine’s Day, there are numerous theories about how it came about. The most popular being that whilst in jail, Bishop Valentine fell in love with his jailer’s daughter. Then, shortly before his death, he sent this lovely lady a note and ended it with “from your Valentine” (as any good man would do…). Those who knew about Valentine found this rather romantic and shared the story with others. He become rather popular and eventually was promoted from Bishop Valentine to Saint Valentine.

After his death, he then became a Patron Saint and was considered by many to be the spiritual figure who oversaw a festival that occurred annually on 14 February – one during which Romans would send out cards declaring their love to those they had their eyes on!

And there you have it – a brief history of Valentine’s Day. Now go out and buy heart-shaped chocolates! (Even if you keep them for yourself! 😀 )


My real-life rockstar


A friend of mine pointed something out to me tonight: I’m living smack-bang in the middle of a dream girls normally have…I’m the wife of a real-life rockstar. I don’t think that ever occurred to me…perhaps because I’ve been so concerned with what that means for me – late nights without my husband at my side; dinners alone; Saturdays spent alone while he’s rehearsing…I’ve focussed completely on the unglamorous part of it all.

Tonight Mani has a gig and it completely infuriates me that I cannot be there (as his number one groupie!), cheering him on, watching his performance with starry eyes, feeling like the most important girl in the crowd of many. But what’s made it easy to get through not being there to share this with him, are the random sms’s I received tonight in which he reminded me that at some point, he’d sing a song for me 🙂 (Yes…romantic, I know!) Whilst many girls merely dream of having someone in their life who can write a song that’s all about them, I actually have that guy! And tonight, he’ll sing the song he wrote with me in mind:

 Long Distance

Verse 1:
Ten Thousand Miles from here
confusing mind that cannot rest

She’s got the strength to rise
The voices, in her head won’t stop

Her heart’s been dragged through the mud
Compassion fills the space inside

The world is between us
Love devours all of our shame

Our souls – groan – for
breakthrough – falling in dismay
It’s all – wrong – when
bureaucracy just takes her away

Verse 2:
3000 days apart
yet somehow we are of one heart

3000 lies will steal
a wounded soul takes time to heal

Long Distance, far apart
she’s left with a bleeding heart

Long distance, anxious mind
where truth is hard to find

Persistance in this trial
hold on for another while

Long distance, in this mess
When hope still carries rest

Oh she cries
When she’s alone
It’s just her and her weaknesses

Oh she’s crazy
My blue-eyed daisy
She will make it through

Verse 3
Her heart’s been dragged through the mud
Compassion fills the space inside

The world is between us
Love devours all of our shame

Our flame proclaims affections
haunting, it’s haunting me

Attachment, close affections and passion
haunting, haunting me.

Yip, indeed, I couldn’t have wished for a better partner in life…I guess I have to be someone’s crazy, blue-eyed daisy! 🙂

Day of the Mother


I think there are quite a few defining moments in life, and for women, one of them is that moment when you become a mom. It may sound as if I’m talking from experience, but I’m not – I’m just assuming that’s what it’s like. I personally look forward to the day that I become a mom, but that’s still far off.

Well today is Mothers Day and for the first time in my life, I’m not celebrating this day with my mom 😦 I’d have loved to take her out for the day, but I’ll just have to settle with sending wishes and love straight from my heart to hers! 🙂

I know other people may think that they have the best mom in the world – and that’s probably true – but I have the best mom in the universe! (So I’m really, really lucky!) My mom’s been a source of inspiration, comfort, love, understanding, compassion, loyalty and forgiveness for my entire 27 years and I’d not be half the woman I am today if it weren’t for her. 😀

Happy Mothers Day Ma!!!

And so I leave you with a few Mothers Day quotes:

  • “A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.” – Tenneva Jordan
  • “There is only one pretty child in the world, and every mother has it.” – Chinese Proverb
  • “Mothers are all slightly insane.” – J.D. Salinger

And, just so that my dad doesn’t feel left out…

“You don’t really understand human nature unless you know why a child on a merry-go-round will wave at his parents every time around – and why his parents will always wave back.” – William D. Tammeus.

{Happy Mothers Day} – {Gelukkige Moedersdag} – {Alles Gute zum Muttertag}

– Risk –


I was lucky enough to hear Pastor Paul Scanlon preach at Hillsong this past Sunday – he definitely has a way of stirring people in their seats as they listen intently to the message he delivers – a simple message really: basically, take some risks!

So there we go, another sermon that’s so applicable to my situation – so hard hitting – hitting me right between the eyes…more than once.

Essentially there’s not enough risk in the world – people move forward until they reach their ‘comfortable’ point and then they turn around and head back  in the opposite direction – the ‘safe’ direction. So they don’t progress, but rather, just remain rooted in one position. But how can we know it’s really that safe if we haven’t actually moved beyond that point to have a look at what’s on the other side?

I’ve been living a safe life up until now – constantly reaching the point of change but choosing (both consciously and subconsciously) to turn around and head back to what I know, what I’m familiar with – my safe haven. But not anymore – falling in love with GH pushed me beyond the point I normally avoid; it gave me the dertermination and courage to peek over the wall and attempt to see what could possibly be waiting for me on the other side. Did I see anything? – No. So do I know what’s on the other side? – No. Do I want to turn around and head back to my safe haven? – No. If I don’t push forward, I’ll be making what I believe to be one of the biggest mistakes of my life – even if things don’t work out the way I’d like them to, at least I’ll know I took a stand for my own life and embraced Risk.

“You can’t discover new oceans unless you have the courage to leave the shore.”

This is the only shore I’ve ever known – it’s familiar; it’s day in and day out; it’s year in and year out – and it could easily become the rest of my life – playing it safe, keeping it in the box, treading lightly – but I’m choosing to live differently; choosing to jump out of the plane with a parachute, not knowing whether or not it will work.

It’s taken 27 years to reach this point; to muster up the courage; to realise and accept that even if things don’t work out, it’s still Ok; and God brought this revelation to me in the most beautiful form possible – Love.

Happiness – Part IV


I’ve been in a bit of a bubble over the past two weeks and people have noticed it. Normally I’m vibrant, bubbly – joking around, smiling, chatting, etc – so when I become sullen, withdrawn, quiet and walk around without a smile, it’s noticed quickly, by everyone – even people I don’t know but who, somehow, know me?! Anyway – my friend Dee noticed it and was kind enough not only to pass on some positive quotes, but she also reminded me that I’ve not done a Happiness Post for a while…WHOOPS!

So here it is, things that make me happy…Part IV*

– Picking at pieces of cheese while I’m cooking makes me happy. Yes, I’m addicted to cheese and I’m really not ashamed, ok!

– Watching the Generations Omnibus on a Saturday morning makes me happy. Ok, so this is something that takes a lot of guts to admit to (if you’re South African). I don’t know why, but I love the show even though at times the ‘acting’ makes me cringe. Please friends, family, loved ones…don’t judge me.

– The theme song to Neigbours makes me happy – the Australian show that comes from yeeeeears back. It takes me back to my childhood, so when I hear the melody, I feel comforted.

– The taste of a yummy, creamy, frothy cuppaccino when I’ve not had coffee for a few hours makes me happy. This normally happens on Saturday mornings when I have to rush out of the house for some reason…and I don’t have my morning cuppa. The only thing I look forward to in situations like this is a creamy cuppppa!

– The sound of rain outside my window when I’m curled up in my bed makes me happy. It’s the type of thing that makes me want to dream – dream of things magestic and magical; dream of days filled with lying on a couch, sipping tea and reading a book; dream of a life filled with love and laughter, friends and family. Dream, dream, dream.

– Hugs makes me happy. I love hugs. I love the comfort they bring and the love they convey. I love the care they communicate and the certainty they provide.

*IV is the Roman numerical for 4 – for those of you who have no clue

Monday morning


I’m sitting at my desk drinking my first cup of coffee and wondering why on earth I’m up and already type-type-typing away at my computer. How nice it would be to be in the loving embrace of my duvet right now – in Dreamland, somewhere between an island off the African coast and sipping coffee along the French Riviera.

But I’m at my desk – which does not resemble the French Riviera – and I’m sipping coffee that ‘s great, but probably could be better.

I think this past weekend was a good weekend – for many reasons…:

  • It was my dad’s 66th birthday on Saturday and my mother, my dad and I celebrated it by consuming 1kg of (yummy) prawns (each..).

  • Worship at Hillsong was phenomenal and so was the sermon – all about God’s vision for your life and how you shouldn’t give up on it when that nagging voice in the back of your mind tells you, “You can’t do it.” (My response to the nagging voice, “Whatever…I can, so shut up.”)

  • I spent almost 3 hours practicing German on Saturday and was very pleased with my progress – and I’m really enjoying it, which takes the pressure off it a bit. (It’s not always good to be a perfectionist…) Yes, granted, it may seem a little funny because I don’t really have anyone to practice with – so I have to walk around the house speaking the language to the fridge, microwave or anything else that will listen to me.

  • I got to spend time with my parents – it’s been lovely being able to chill with them, talk with them, laugh with them.

  • I got to speak to GH a couple of times and we shared a few laughs. This is always a highlight for me. Why? Because long distance SUCKETH! This morning he surprised me by sending me a text message at 6.30am – just to say he loves me and misses me. Now I’m sure you’re thinking…ok that’s nice, whatever. But the thing is, GH loves his sleep and 6.30am in South Africa is 5.30am in Germany – so for someone who loves his sleep and wakes up at 5.30am…and then text’s his girlfriend – it’s an ‘Awwwwww’ kinda thing! 🙂

V-Day & all that Jazz


I’m not 100% sure how I feel about Valentines Day. For a long time I had a huge aversion to it, but that was an aversion borne out of the fact that I didn’t have anyone to call my Valentine. Now, however, things have changed, and I do have a special someone! 🙂 The only problem is, GH isn’t too fond of the whole brouhaha surrounding V-Day and I totally understand that – it’s not such a major thing for me either to be honest…but still…I’m a girl and therefore, by default, things like this get me excited. GH on the other hand is a boy, and when it comes to things like this, they’re pretty much “yeah, whatever…” about it.

I wanted to get him excited about it though – and I wanted us to use the opportunity to have a special date – because we’re doing long distance, I think we can use gimmicky things such as V-Day as a way to keep things going and thwart the long-distance monster. What’s the harm in that, right? Sure, sure, every day should be V-Day and February 14th shouldn’t be THE day to express your love…but still, it’s not a bad idea to get into the fun of the idea and enjoy the small things!

I don’t think Pope Gelasius did anything wrong when he created V-Day. In fact I bet his intentions were really good. And in the hustle and bustle of life – where so many little things pass us by each minute – what’s the harm in taking some time out to stop and appreciate the important people in your life 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day all!