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Meeting family


So yesterday I met one of GH’s sisters, who’s in Cape Town on business. I wasn’t too phased or nervous about the meeting, but as the time drew nearer to meeting her, I realised that she’s the first member of his family that I’ll be meeting in person. And then I started thinking, “Ok, so you need to make a good impression. No corny jokes or completely idiotic actions – such as tripping on something as small as a piece of paper and landing with your face in a potplant. No…you have to be normal, you have to control yourself…because this is the man you love and want to spend foreverererer with – so you need his family to like you, ok!”

Well, I’m happy to report that I didn’t tell any corny jokes and I didn’t trip over anything – so my face remained potplant free! It was lovely meeting his sister and it really seemed very natural – we slipped naturally into conversation and nothing was forced. I honestly felt as if I’d met her before and this was just us catching up again. Once more, this is a blessing, because I know how difficult it can be when you don’t get along with your boyfriend’s fan-damily.

And it was rather interesting – I mentioned to GH that he and his sister have the same mannerisms. He sounded a little surprised when I told him this, but it seems normal to me – siblings generally share some of the same traits. In fact, at times some of her mannerisms reminded me so much of GH that I had to wipe my eyes and make sure that it wasn’t actually him who was sitting opposite me. (How awesome would that have been!? 🙂 :()

Right, so that’s one member of the family…only 130 more to go! 😀