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For meee??!


When I was a kid my parents had the responsibility of ensuring that every summer and winter, if needs be, they bought me new clothes. There were times that I didn’t need any, but made up some reasons as to why exactly it was necessary to get that particular pair of shoes or those specific tops…but honestly, what girl in her right mind resists the chance to get new stuff she likes? 😛

Then I moved out of home when I was 18 and realised how lucky I’d been whilst still staying with the folks – free meals, free clothes, free shoes, free accommodation…no worries. And things changed – all of a sudden things weren’t for free and I had to make sure I provided myself with the stuff I needed (though let it be noted, the parentals always helped out where necessary – God bless them). What this meant was that I started understanding the meaning of the word ‘priorities’. Food become a priority…and new clothes and shoes became a luxury.

So…(yes, I’m headed somewhere with all this)…you can imagine just how excited, exstatic and overjoyed I was when GH decided to buy me clothes and shoes! No man I’ve ever dated has ever done that for me! And really…it honestly makes me feel special, loved, appreciated. I’m in a constant state of complete ‘gobsmacked-ness’ at how adorable and amazing this guy is, and through his actions I’m learning more and more how valuable and ‘worth-it’ I really am! 😀

Thanks Babe!!!


Monday morning


I’m sitting at my desk drinking my first cup of coffee and wondering why on earth I’m up and already type-type-typing away at my computer. How nice it would be to be in the loving embrace of my duvet right now – in Dreamland, somewhere between an island off the African coast and sipping coffee along the French Riviera.

But I’m at my desk – which does not resemble the French Riviera – and I’m sipping coffee that ‘s great, but probably could be better.

I think this past weekend was a good weekend – for many reasons…:

  • It was my dad’s 66th birthday on Saturday and my mother, my dad and I celebrated it by consuming 1kg of (yummy) prawns (each..).

  • Worship at Hillsong was phenomenal and so was the sermon – all about God’s vision for your life and how you shouldn’t give up on it when that nagging voice in the back of your mind tells you, “You can’t do it.” (My response to the nagging voice, “Whatever…I can, so shut up.”)

  • I spent almost 3 hours practicing German on Saturday and was very pleased with my progress – and I’m really enjoying it, which takes the pressure off it a bit. (It’s not always good to be a perfectionist…) Yes, granted, it may seem a little funny because I don’t really have anyone to practice with – so I have to walk around the house speaking the language to the fridge, microwave or anything else that will listen to me.

  • I got to spend time with my parents – it’s been lovely being able to chill with them, talk with them, laugh with them.

  • I got to speak to GH a couple of times and we shared a few laughs. This is always a highlight for me. Why? Because long distance SUCKETH! This morning he surprised me by sending me a text message at 6.30am – just to say he loves me and misses me. Now I’m sure you’re thinking…ok that’s nice, whatever. But the thing is, GH loves his sleep and 6.30am in South Africa is 5.30am in Germany – so for someone who loves his sleep and wakes up at 5.30am…and then text’s his girlfriend – it’s an ‘Awwwwww’ kinda thing! 🙂