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A glass half full of Shoes


I got close to 8 hours sleep last night, so I’m not as tired this morning as I usually am – though I’m not using that as a reason not to have coffee – there’s always a reason to have coffee…

I heard something interesting on the radio this morning – kind of like the whole ‘glass half full, half empty’ thing. A shoe company sends two salesmen out to two remote towns to sell some shoes. The first salesman sends a report back to the company: “No-one here has or wears any shoes. Fruitless, so I’m heading back home.”

The second salesman reports: “Send more shoes, no-one here has or wears any. Great opportunity!”

Yeah ok, perhaps this inspires you for a total of 1.4675 seconds. But still, I’ve come to realise that many situations in life can be dealt with differently just by changing your perspective a little. Sure, it’s not easy and it’s probably harder to do – but if makes things better in the long run, then why not?

Ok, now I’m off to get my second cup of coffee 😀