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Presents, presents!!


I’m super excited because I received one of the best ever surprises this past weekend – my Christmas box from GH! I’m like a kid in a candy store…no, in a toy store…no no, in a candy and toy store! It’s great being able to receive something that makes the insides of your tummy do somersaults.

A friend of GH’s came to Cape Town for a wedding and brought the (4kg!) box down here with her. So on Sunday I met up with her at the hotel where she was staying and picked the box up – she was almost just as excited as I was about the present. 🙂

My instructions from GH were to open the box – inside would be things for my parents and sister…and then there would be 3 other wrapped gifts that I’m not allowed to open until Christmas! But you see – this is the problem…telling me not to open the gifts until Christmas is like putting a bowl of yummy food in front of a puppy and telling it that, under no circumstances, is it allowed to eat. It’s impossible! But I’m surviving…and I haven’t opened the gifts yet – I will wait until Christmas. In the meantime, I’ve shaken, prodded, probed, squeezed, and smelt the gifts…but alas, I have NO clue what they are *sigh*. At the moment they’re sitting on a table in my lounge, taunting me, sniggering and laughing, because they know I can’t open them.

When I was a kid, Christmas Eve was always a special time – I remember it very fondly. The night before Christmas always seemed so magical – as the sun started to set and it got a little darker, my sister and I would become more and more excited as the time drew nearer that we’d be allowed to open our presents. We didn’t care much for whatever else was going on around us. As I grew older, Christmas traditions unfortunately changed and Christmas Eve fell by the wayside. And when I’d moved out of home, I remember trying to establish my own Christmas Eve tradition – I’d sit by myself, watch the little fairy lights in my window, and open up some presents from friends. This Christmas Eve will be a little more special though, because I’ll be able to open GH’s gifts! And honestly, I don’t really care what they are – the fact that they’re from him just makes them the best gifts ever!

GH and I wanted to open the gifts we’ve sent to one another together (well…together being ‘online’), but that may not be possible, unfortunately. GH is heading to Prague for Christmas/New Years with a friend of his who’s visiting from Namibia. He wants to try and organise a flight for the 25th, so that we can have the 24th together, but it’s not looking like that’s going to be possible. One thing is for sure though – this is the first and last Christmas we’ll spend apart 🙂

I’m not sure how it’s possible, but every day I fall more and more in love with the person that GH is. He’s just amazing and he’s suited 120% to me, and me to him. Honestly – he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me…so much so that if I were to choose between Christmas presents and him, I’d forfeit ever getting another Christmas present ever!!!!! Yip! 😀