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Begging and missing


I’m constantly reminded of how the Lord works through what sometimes seems like the smallest little things. It’s really in the tiny details of the day that we can see His guidance and His presence. But we get so bogged down by the ‘big’ things and our attention is completely diverted in the wrong direction – the result is that we miss spotting how the little things are falling into place.

I often think of one scene from one of my favourite movies – Bruce Almighty. Bruce is driving along a road at night and begs, pleads with God to give him a sign…which God does, but which Bruce misses. He continues pleading, and God continues giving him signs – pretty obvious ones such as a truck load of road signs saying “Wrong Way”, “Detour”, and “U-Turn”, etc. But still, Bruce just doesn’t get it. And the more he begs, the more frustrated he gets.

We fall into that trap way too often – begging, pleading, asking for signs – but we limit our view by defining in our own minds what the signs are, what they’ll look like, what the blessings will be…to the extent, that we completely miss what He’s sending us!

It’s all in the little things….! Don’t be a Bruce!