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Happiness – Part IV


I’ve been in a bit of a bubble over the past two weeks and people have noticed it. Normally I’m vibrant, bubbly – joking around, smiling, chatting, etc – so when I become sullen, withdrawn, quiet and walk around without a smile, it’s noticed quickly, by everyone – even people I don’t know but who, somehow, know me?! Anyway – my friend Dee noticed it and was kind enough not only to pass on some positive quotes, but she also reminded me that I’ve not done a Happiness Post for a while…WHOOPS!

So here it is, things that make me happy…Part IV*

– Picking at pieces of cheese while I’m cooking makes me happy. Yes, I’m addicted to cheese and I’m really not ashamed, ok!

– Watching the Generations Omnibus on a Saturday morning makes me happy. Ok, so this is something that takes a lot of guts to admit to (if you’re South African). I don’t know why, but I love the show even though at times the ‘acting’ makes me cringe. Please friends, family, loved ones…don’t judge me.

– The theme song to Neigbours makes me happy – the Australian show that comes from yeeeeears back. It takes me back to my childhood, so when I hear the melody, I feel comforted.

– The taste of a yummy, creamy, frothy cuppaccino when I’ve not had coffee for a few hours makes me happy. This normally happens on Saturday mornings when I have to rush out of the house for some reason…and I don’t have my morning cuppa. The only thing I look forward to in situations like this is a creamy cuppppa!

– The sound of rain outside my window when I’m curled up in my bed makes me happy. It’s the type of thing that makes me want to dream – dream of things magestic and magical; dream of days filled with lying on a couch, sipping tea and reading a book; dream of a life filled with love and laughter, friends and family. Dream, dream, dream.

– Hugs makes me happy. I love hugs. I love the comfort they bring and the love they convey. I love the care they communicate and the certainty they provide.

*IV is the Roman numerical for 4 – for those of you who have no clue