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You clever little Bishop you!


So today is supposed to be the day that people intentionally remember that ‘someone special’ in their lives. I’m sure that for 86.87% of men, it’s the day that the reminder alarms on their phones go crazy – reminding them to go out and buy lovey-dovey stuff for that one special lady.

But who was the original Valentine? Well, waaaaaaay back in time, Claudius II was the Emperor of Rome and he was of the opinion that men who weren’t hitched made far better soldiers than their married counterparts. It was this opinion that led him to making a law that young, unmarried men were not allowed to take the leap of faith into marriage.

Then along came a Bishop Valentine. *Cue ‘saves the day’ music* He felt really sorry for these young men and decided he’d start conducting marriage ceremonies on the sly. But as with any story like this, his secret didn’t remain secret for too long and Emperor Claudius II sent him to jail. (In fact, not only was he jailed, but the Emperor also tried to get Valentine to start worshipping various Roman gods. Valentine’s response: he started trying to convert the Emperor to Christianity. The result: our hero was sentenced to be executed.)

Now in terms of the actual emergence of Valentine’s Day, there are numerous theories about how it came about. The most popular being that whilst in jail, Bishop Valentine fell in love with his jailer’s daughter. Then, shortly before his death, he sent this lovely lady a note and ended it with “from your Valentine” (as any good man would do…). Those who knew about Valentine found this rather romantic and shared the story with others. He become rather popular and eventually was promoted from Bishop Valentine to Saint Valentine.

After his death, he then became a Patron Saint and was considered by many to be the spiritual figure who oversaw a festival that occurred annually on 14 February – one during which Romans would send out cards declaring their love to those they had their eyes on!

And there you have it – a brief history of Valentine’s Day. Now go out and buy heart-shaped chocolates! (Even if you keep them for yourself! 😀 )




It’s that time of year again – every second ad on TV is about love and pictures of couples in loving embraces with hearts floating above their heads are popping up everywhere. Yip, it’s Valentine’s Day fever (and we haven’t even hit the 14th yet).

I never enjoyed V Day – probably because I spent the majority of them alone, doing one of two things: (a) contemplating sending chocolates and lovey-dovey gifts to myself, or (b) remaining defiant and swearing that “actually I don’t care…I’m totally unphased by Valentines’ Day! I’m happy for all the couples out there…”

Now you would think that since I have a significant other, I’d be looking forward to V Day – but really, it’s a little sucky because I’m in South Africa and he’s all the way in Germany. And you’d think that since we’re now legally married, we’d get to spend our first V Day together…apparently not.

So there won’t be any candlelight dinner, no popping of champagne, no cuddling on the couch with a DVD, and definitely no chocolates packaged in a heart-shaped container.

And so I have to say, theoretically Valentine’s Day this year is on 14-2-12…but I say, mathematically, 14-2-12 = 0. Therefore, Valentine’s Day is cancelled!

(Though actually…Mani’s taken the night off from rehearsal in honour of said V Day…so I have to admit, I’m excited!!! YAY ME! :D)



V-Day & all that Jazz


I’m not 100% sure how I feel about Valentines Day. For a long time I had a huge aversion to it, but that was an aversion borne out of the fact that I didn’t have anyone to call my Valentine. Now, however, things have changed, and I do have a special someone! 🙂 The only problem is, GH isn’t too fond of the whole brouhaha surrounding V-Day and I totally understand that – it’s not such a major thing for me either to be honest…but still…I’m a girl and therefore, by default, things like this get me excited. GH on the other hand is a boy, and when it comes to things like this, they’re pretty much “yeah, whatever…” about it.

I wanted to get him excited about it though – and I wanted us to use the opportunity to have a special date – because we’re doing long distance, I think we can use gimmicky things such as V-Day as a way to keep things going and thwart the long-distance monster. What’s the harm in that, right? Sure, sure, every day should be V-Day and February 14th shouldn’t be THE day to express your love…but still, it’s not a bad idea to get into the fun of the idea and enjoy the small things!

I don’t think Pope Gelasius did anything wrong when he created V-Day. In fact I bet his intentions were really good. And in the hustle and bustle of life – where so many little things pass us by each minute – what’s the harm in taking some time out to stop and appreciate the important people in your life 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day all!