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Happiness – Part II


And so I continue on my quest to identify the things that make me happy (no matter how random they may seem) – in an attempt to trick my mind into thinking more positively. Hopefully this will become an automatic way of thinking as opposed to the easier, more negative way of thinking, that we become so accustomed to.

– Freshly cut, green grass makes me happy. Yes, I said some of the things I mention may be random, and this is one. But I bet you there are at least two other people in the world who feel happy when they smell freshly cut, green grass, ok!

– Purple makes me happy. Yip, it’s my favourite colour of aaaalll time and I love anything that’s purple – but in particular, purple shoes make me happy! Give me a pair of purple shoes and I will be your friend for life!

– Sitting on my couch watching My Family makes me happy. I’m not sure it’s because I can relate to the family in this British TV series, because they’re considered a little crazy…but I find them hilarious and can sometimes identify (perhaps a little too much) with their humour and the things they do.

– Drinking my Vanilla Chai tea in the afternoon makes me happy. Why…because it’s yummy – simple! (Especially when you make it with 3/4 milk and a little more sugar than you normally use 🙂 ).

– Food makes me happy. Yes…food. ‘Emotional eating’ *check*, ‘Comfort eating’ *check*, ‘Random eating’ *check*, ‘Eating eating’ *check*. I’m always willing to try any dish and consider myself to be rather adventurous – ok, no…I won’t eat certain things like sheep’s eyeball, but give me a rare steak covered in cheese or pepper sauce and I’ll be almost as happy as if I’ve just received a pair of purple shoes! Note: I said almost as happy…because purple shoes are just so much more awesome!

** End of Part II**