Daily Archives: January 18, 2011

Why so….nervous?


Why am I so nervous?!

Oh yes, because I’m packing up my life as I know it and heading to another country! AND, I’m facing numerous risks and uncertainties along the way! ArrrRRGgggHH! *breathe*

So the latest update is this: I’m one step away from booking my return flight to Berlin. Tomorrow I go into the travel agent’s office and sign some papers; hand over some cash; and then that’s that – I’ll be leaving for Berlin on the 23rd of March. The mere thought just freaks me out!? Oh how I wish I could just be chilled – be one of those, ‘yeah, whatever’ people! 😦 🙂

So far, every little obstacle along the way has worked out – God has His hand over this situation – I must NOT lose sight of that (which is what I tend to do way too often!).

This morning I was a little scared that I wouldn’t be able to change my return date with the travel agent. The situation is like so: I go to Berlin, I look for a job. In the even that I get one, I need to return to SA because I can only apply for an Employment Visa from here. This means that, once I knew whether or not I need to return to apply for the Employment Visa, I’ll need to change my return date – and I’d got this great deal to Berlin, so I was praying that they’d be flexible enough to let me change the return date if needs be. I had the travel agent on the phone and as she said “let me just see…”, I stuck my hand up and just prayed – and then she said, “yes, the airline is flexible. That’s no problem. There will be a fee, but it’s no problem to change”. Praise be to God!!! 🙂

So guys….next obstacle – GETTING A JOB WHEN I’M THERE….(and making sure I have enough money for all the accounts back here in SA..they’re not going to stop while I’m gone….!)

This is the biggest step I’ve ever taken in my life – and it’s scary…but I have to do it and the only way to get through it is to pray for the entire process and ask for God’s wisdom and favour in it 🙂

Right now, I really want to go from this:

to this…